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At PRIORITY Real Estate Management we strive to continuously improve ourselves and our systems. By employing modern technology and focusing on reduction of costs.  We are more productive and efficient, than our competitors, while offering the same or better services.  Thus allowing us to pass those savings along to our owners. 

LEVEL 1 - Basic Tenant Acquisition Service

New tenant acquisition  = 1st months rent.


PRIORITY Property Management handles;

  • Marketing property for rent.

  • Showing property and interviewing prospective tenant.

  • Verification that tenant meets and or exceeds owner expectations for occupancy.      
     (IE – Min. FICO Score, rental history, pets vs. no pets, non-smoker, etc.)

  • NATIONWIDE tenant history investigation - credit, criminal and rental history.

  • Execution of all paperwork including applications and lease.

  • Coordination of tenant move in.

  • PHOTO DOCUMENTATION of Tenant Pre & Post Occupancy inspections.

LEVEL 2- Full Service Property Management

$125 per Month - Management Charge

PRIORITY Property Management handles;

  • All communications, written or verbal, between owner and tenants – no direct contact between either parties unless requested by owner.

  • Collection of rents

  • Coordination of vendors for repairs and maintenance – owner approval required on all repairs above $300.

  • Monthly dispersal of balance rent due owner.

  • Owner website portal allows immediate accounting and on demand reports of property account status.

  • Coordination of unit maintenance and repairs.

  • Annual Inspection of property.

  • Hold of tenant security deposit and disbursement at end of lease.

Our Mission

"Your Important Investment, Our Highest Priority!!!"


At Priority Real Estate Management we focus on building long term, trusting relationships with our owners.  By providing quality property management programs based on maximizing "Return on Investment" through reduction of costs, proper maintenance and quality tenant retention. "We treat your important investment property like our own!!! 

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